Happy Holidays from FITNESS!

We’re wishing our lovely readers a happy, healthy holiday season. We hope you’re spending time with the ones you love and enjoying good food, good drinks and good company. To add extra cheer as you get ready for your celebrations, we’re taking a cue from DailyBurn.com trainer Keaira LaShae and moving along to the holiday [...]
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One thought on “Happy Holidays from FITNESS!

  1. Hello Sondra, thanks for folnowilg my blog and facebook. Is it Kathy C that is your friend?Anyway, the amount of fat you eat should be about 20% of your food consumption. Most people don’t get enough of the healthy fats needed to boost brain power, hormone functioning, and even give you sustainable energy. Fats are looked at very poorly in our society because we think the more fat we eat the fatter we become. The truth is you need these healthy fats that come from things like nuts, avocados, cooking oils and more. These fats give your body the essential fatty acids needed for better functioning and even fat burning. Start eating more of these and you’ll notice that you’re not as hungry later and that your body begins burning more fats after consuming the right ones.

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