Fashion Friday: Swimsuits? Already?

I’m not a fan of the cold. Never have been, and probably never will be. Which is why I’m planning a vacation to a nice, warm, tropical destination this winter. I haven’t figured out where I’m going yet, but I do know that wherever I end up, I’ll have a permanent spot in a lounge [...]
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One thought on “Fashion Friday: Swimsuits? Already?

  1. Too funny. We are trying to potty train our dathguer and I definetly agree with you that using a potty seat is much better than a small potty. My dathguer has pooped in her potty chair twice and both times I’ve been the only one around to clean it up. My stomach can’t take it!! The sight, the smell, everything I gag and have tears running down my face, nose is running it’s awful but at the same time I’m trying to tell my dathguer that she’s done a great thing. It’s no wonder she’s so confused about using the potty. Glad others get to have these experiences too hahaha 0 likes

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