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What Is the Body By Vi™ Challenge?

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Join with the weight loss & health challenge that is sweeping Canada and the USA. The Body by Vi™ 90 day Challenge is helping people reach their weight loss health goals in record time! It`s so easy to start and join the Challenge! Just choose a challenge kit and get started. You even can get your kit FREE every month by getting 3 of your friends to take the challenge with you!

There are over 100 hundered thousand new people joining the Body By VI 90 day challenge each month now, the Body by Vi™ Challenge has already helped people from all ages and walks of life lose over 4 million pounds, just in the last year and a half alone!

This is the reason for the recent cover story in “Success from Home Magazine” that hit newsstands all across North America!… The Body by Vi™ 90 day Challenge was created by a company called ViSalus Sciences®, which is the leader in one of the fastest growing health phenomena in the world today! Clearly, Body by Vi™ is no scam- only people who fail on their own merit consider ViSalus a scam! ViSalus and its products are 100% real and validated by Blyth Inc.’s increase in its stake from 43.6% to 57.5% on April 15, 2011. ViSalus Sciences is backed by a Blyth, Inc. over a 1 billion dollar company with offices all over the world! We personally take and Love the products! Just contact us and we will be happy to tell you all about them!

Here are the Body by VI “Vi-Shape” nutrition products

Visuals’ Body by VI ™ 90 Day Challenge is an innovative health and fitness Challenge to everyone to getting into better shape! No matter if you want to slim down with weight loss shakes, tone up or build muscle. Combining our unique and life transforming products along with our online and offline support tools, no other program is as comprehensive, or as easy to do! Everyone can get involved.

No one else can offer the same comprehensive program that includes a simple nutritional program with Vi-shake recipes, menu plans, exercise programs, and online community support. If you’d rather not get weighed in public, eat expensive foods, or watch endless exercise videos that aren’t targeted to your specific needs, then this is the program for you!

Join the Body by VI ™ Body 90 Day Challenge, today by selecting and ordering the kit which will meet your weight loss or your body building goal since the shakes can be added to your daily diet to build muscle. Select Kits